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Chicken Breast in Vegetable Soup, the vegetables are from the Frozen Food Section..cooked in Broth..Hope you enjoy the Photo,,,,your friend.
Hope you enjoy the Photos, "Good Old Summer Time Burger"


Thur.Post on Friday

Bread Bowl Soup, took the Pictures next to a large Window , natural light..oh yes ..the Soup was good too..your friend..
A friend of mine, his Wife baked the Cookies,,they were very tasty!!!! Hope you enjoy the photos..
Just some Spice in Chicken Broth and a Potato...Hope you enjoy the Photos.your friend...


Food On Plate

The amount of Food we serve ourselves is relative to the size and shape of our Plate or Cup we use , and research showing this correlation has prompted action. We eat,on the average ,92% of what we serve ourselves and tend to eat 22% less by eating from a 10 inch Plate instead of a 12 inch Plate. So i took a Photo of French-Toast on two different Plates., Hope you enjoy the Photos..your friend..

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